Australia vs Austria

Dieses Jahr freuen wir uns ganz besonders BRIANNA 
bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen.

Sie arbeitet bereits seit Dezember 2017 bei uns .. 

und begleitet uns noch bis April 2018.. 
Brianna kommt aus Sydney und genießt die Auszeit & Arbeit in den


From Australia to Austria

June 12th 2017. So began my journey through Europe, little did I know how it would turn out. I wanted come to Europe for multiple reasons; visit friends & family, see the world, to help figure my self out, avoid school but really I just wanted to experience life outside my home town, I’ve never wanted to work and live in the same place my entire life, so I planned to go to Europe for originally 4 months to backpack across the continent. Luckily I got the opportunity to also travel with my sister (and her boyfriend), defiantly beat being alone for four months. We got to see so many amazing places, meet some amazing people and really experience a different aspect of life. In four months we covered 14 countries and 48 cities, in ways it was a lot to see and also no where near enough. But as our trip came to an end (and our money) we headed in different directions, my sister and her boyfriend back home and I pursued our idea to work in an Austrian Ski resort. With the help of a family friend, I pursued jobs in multiple ski resorts online, hence what landed me here in Kals.

Kals is to say the least, not what I was expecting. Its not where I planned or thought I would end up. A small town and resort, originally I didn’t really expect much. But the longer I stayed here the more I learned to love it. The beauty of the mountains, my job, friends, the skiing and so on. In the past four months I got the experience life from another perspective. I got to learn to ski properly, meet new people, learn some German (even if I have ways to go), I got to spend a lot of time with Yuma and build a good friendship with Kati, my; boss, roommate and friend. Working here for me as an Australian with little to no German made everything very difficult and stressful in the beginning. The inability to understand simple orders and work was hard but as time went on I learnt enough of what I needed, I felt that I really progressed and really started to love my job. Working with Kati in the Figolalm was fun, considering she was chill, and amazing worker, incredibly positive, a good friends and somewhat inspiring. The job allowed to me to meet and talk with people from multiple countries over Europe and really get to know people.

I cant really ever put into words how I will want to, how my experience was here. But its defiantly opened my eyes and I believe helped my grow and become more independent as a human being. Its showed me a different way of living so contrastingly different to what im used to. But it also let me see that even with such a different in culture, language and living situations, that life isn’t so. different, that it isn’t this crazily strange and different place than where im from or others. We all have work, aspirations, friendship, love, family and lives like everyone else. (but how we choose to live our lives and which directions we take what we believe in and choose to act on are what make us unique). I would not want to change a thing about my experience here, I think it ended up being so much better than I could have hoped for. The time I spent here was so much more personal and more than I hoped for. Its a chapter of my life that I will never forget and look forward to comes.

Brianna Stockburger,

Sydney, Australia to Kals am Großglockner, Austria